donderdag 3 juni 2010

where's the streetwise hercules?

h&m dress/top, vero moda belt, h&m butterfly ring, claire's ring

i love love love this new dress/top thing! it's amazing, a littlebit too big though but i kinda like that. i also adore my new butterfly-ring, although it's not very comfortable, but hey what can you do?

eargasm : froufrou - holding out for a hero

6 opmerkingen:

  1. -cute outfit,
    i adore the rings,
    cute blog(:

    im a new follower(:

  2. De vlinderring heb ik ook, moet hem alleen nog eens gaan dragen haha.. En leuke outfit, mooie foto!

  3. Scheve pink toch fotogeniek genoeg (:?

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  5. cute :)

    Take a peek! our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden


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