woensdag 1 september 2010


finally! i got one thousand individual pageviews on the girl you lost to fashion! and to celebrate, i'd like to list the fashion blogs that give me inspiration and that i love the most. i couldn't decide on a particular order, so now they're just randomly put after one another. i chose blogs that (i think) are not that well known by most of you, so you might find some new favorites :) i hope you enjoy!

fade to black ny
this girl has an amazing blog, on which she posts her own outfit photos. these photos are not like most outfit photos though, and most of them are little pieces of art on themselves. i love how most of the time she looks like a hippie from the sixties and her entire blog shows this!

poupée de chiffon
yoshino is a girl who knows how to take pictures. although her outfits aren't always very spectacular, she has the most amazing inspiration pictures, and her own outfit pictures always look great too! the backgroundmusic on her blog is very nice and relaxing as well, and i love the 'dreamy' feel of her blog.

lisa place
this scandinavian girl's got style! not only is the prettiest girl i've ever seen (i think i've got a secret crush on her), her style is great as well. nothing too special, but her outfits always look so comfy and yet very fashionable. oh, and her shoe collection is too die for!

miss pandora
miss pandora is.. well she's hard to describe, that's for sure. her style can go from cute girl dresses to tough chick looks, and that's what i love about her. no matter what she wears, she rocks the style and the pictures are always amazing. on top of that, she is drop dead gorgeous, sho what more can you ask for in a blogger?

alice point
alice point is a blog i only recently discovered. she rocks vintage looks combined with basic items and some highfashion stuff. her shoes are always the first thing i look at, because they're amazing most of the time. her looks always inspire me, as they are wearable but still look a-ma-zing!

so i hope you had fun looking at some of my inspirations! let me know which one you like best, i'd love to hear that from you guys :)

song of the day : sylvia vartan - il est cinq heures, paris s'eveille