woensdag 1 september 2010


finally! i got one thousand individual pageviews on the girl you lost to fashion! and to celebrate, i'd like to list the fashion blogs that give me inspiration and that i love the most. i couldn't decide on a particular order, so now they're just randomly put after one another. i chose blogs that (i think) are not that well known by most of you, so you might find some new favorites :) i hope you enjoy!

fade to black ny
this girl has an amazing blog, on which she posts her own outfit photos. these photos are not like most outfit photos though, and most of them are little pieces of art on themselves. i love how most of the time she looks like a hippie from the sixties and her entire blog shows this!

poupée de chiffon
yoshino is a girl who knows how to take pictures. although her outfits aren't always very spectacular, she has the most amazing inspiration pictures, and her own outfit pictures always look great too! the backgroundmusic on her blog is very nice and relaxing as well, and i love the 'dreamy' feel of her blog.

lisa place
this scandinavian girl's got style! not only is the prettiest girl i've ever seen (i think i've got a secret crush on her), her style is great as well. nothing too special, but her outfits always look so comfy and yet very fashionable. oh, and her shoe collection is too die for!

miss pandora
miss pandora is.. well she's hard to describe, that's for sure. her style can go from cute girl dresses to tough chick looks, and that's what i love about her. no matter what she wears, she rocks the style and the pictures are always amazing. on top of that, she is drop dead gorgeous, sho what more can you ask for in a blogger?

alice point
alice point is a blog i only recently discovered. she rocks vintage looks combined with basic items and some highfashion stuff. her shoes are always the first thing i look at, because they're amazing most of the time. her looks always inspire me, as they are wearable but still look a-ma-zing!

so i hope you had fun looking at some of my inspirations! let me know which one you like best, i'd love to hear that from you guys :)

song of the day : sylvia vartan - il est cinq heures, paris s'eveille

zondag 29 augustus 2010

to die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die

h&m wedges, zara skirt, soho blazer, h&m/claire's/vintage rings

this is what i wore today! the weather totally sucked, it kept raining cats and dogs all day long, combined with thunder and a lot of wind, which pretty much explains the way my hair looks. no long talk today, as i'm off to do my homework! bye guys!

song of the day: the smiths - there's a light that never goes out

maandag 16 augustus 2010

ode to acne

acne fall/winter 2010, stockholm fashion week

acne fall/winter 2010, stockholm fashion week

acne admire wedge in brown and blue

acne admire wedge

acne admire wedge in black (you can buy these online now)

acne spring/summer 2011 sunglasses preview

every since the first time i heard of acne, i've fallen in love with, mostly, their shoes. the tick, the atacome wedge, the pixie, and now this new one, the acne admire wedge. these are to die for! when they arrive in the acne store in amsterdam, it'll probably around my birthday, and i think this is the most perfect birthday gift i could ever ask for. i'm never to keen on ordering shoes online, especially when they're from a webshop that is not located in the netherlands, so i won't buy shoes this expensive online! i think the sunglasses are amazing as well, especially the silver/transparent ones, i love them! so, what do you guys think?

sotd : the smiths - there is a light that never goes out

woensdag 11 augustus 2010

i'm never gonna amount to much, but i'm never gonna change my mind

zara skirt, h&m wedges, barney's waistcoat, h&m rings

this is what i was wearing today! i love my new h&m wedges, although they are not very comfortable.. didn't do much today, went to my boyfriend and we got some icecream, and that's pretty much it! got only 1,5 week of holiday left, and i'm so not looking forward to go back to school.. but i guess i got to!

SOTD: selena gomez & the scene - tell me something i don't know

woensdag 4 augustus 2010

if there's a cure for this, i don't want it

so here are my promised holiday pictures! the first picture was taken in barcelona, the second & third one in france and the last one in italy. i would love to go back, if only it was for the way better weather out there! it's raining cats and dogs in the netherlands.. and when it rains, i always go online shopping! i ordered shoes from H&M and a ring from gotglamour.nl and i can't wait for it to arrive! i will show you when it gets here!

eargasm: diana ross - love hangover

zondag 1 augustus 2010

i'm the worst blogger in the world

i'm so sorry for not blogging for way to many weeks (or are they even becoming months now? either way, here is a new blogpost! the shoes and bag are my new buys, i love how comfortable the shoes are! for the dutchies, i bought them at le ballon in utrecht. the bag was bought in a little store in barcelona. the rings are also new buys, all i bought lately are rings, i will show my entire collection when i know how to make a nice picture of all of them. pictures of my holiday will follow soon, as will new outfit post, so stay tuned!

eargasm: the filthy youth - confidence

donderdag 3 juni 2010

where's the streetwise hercules?

h&m dress/top, vero moda belt, h&m butterfly ring, claire's ring

i love love love this new dress/top thing! it's amazing, a littlebit too big though but i kinda like that. i also adore my new butterfly-ring, although it's not very comfortable, but hey what can you do?

eargasm : froufrou - holding out for a hero