zondag 23 mei 2010

but everything looks better when the sun goes down

oh the weather was so amazing today! no outfit photo's though, spent most of the day lying in my bikini. i did however placed an order at the H&M site, which i will show you right now. not everything is available yet, but it will probably follow within the next few months. this is what i ordered:

won't get these baby's until the start of july, which sucks because i love these the most of the entire order

according to the H&Msite, i won't get this dress until mid-june :(

also in pink and in white

in gold as well as in silver, couldn't decide!

and that's it! a lot right? well i'll probably send back more than half of it anyway, i always do. but i'm looking forward to receiving my package, it's always nice. so, what do you guys think?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I have the butterfly ring and LOVE it! Great picks! I love H&M :)

    Lovely blog!
    Cheers, Jesa

  2. Great order!
    Lovely blog.

    xx fesi-fashion

  3. love everything!!



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